Best Digital Photo Frame Review Perfect Holidays Gift on Sale

The best digital photo frame: Sony DPF-D95 9-Inch Digital Photo Frame is a device, which allows you to save pictures and display them a digital frame.

Instead of making many holes in the wall to put your picture up or buying multiple picture frames to store the photos, you can now Store all pictures in one place.

This particular high end model has its advantages and disadvantages, so before buying this digital photo frame (or any other frame), this review should give you some clearer insight of this model.

Sony Digital Photo Frame

What are the main features of the Sony DPF-D95 9-Inch Digital Photo Frame?

The DPF-D95 has 800×480 resolutions, displayed on a 9-inch screen, along with 16:10 aspect ratio.

The 256 MB internal memory allows you to store up to 500 pictures, so you can store hundreds of different cherished memories from your life.

This digital frame can be remotely controlled and has slideshow feature as well.

The model’s LED backlight has an energy saving feature.

Furthermore, it also has calendar and clock features, so the frame is just not for eye-catching beauty but is practical as well.

The USB-port allows the frame to connect to a PC (or another device), so the pictures can be changed and there is no need to stick with just the same photos over and over again.

Last, but least, this digital frame has multiple on/off options at its disposal.


1) 10 different time intervals choice, from three seconds to 24 hours, for your slideshows to display different pictures over time.

Slideshows have six different transition effects to choose from.

2) This digital photo frame can display images directly from a SD-card (as well as from a memory stick and USB-drive) and pictures can be copied to internal memory.

3) Multiple choices of different kind of calendar and clock displays, which you can integrate with the slideshows.

4 ) A Mini-USB connector allows you connect to your PC and transfer/copy pictures from there.

5) Displays high-quality pictures, despite 800×480 resolution screen and is easy to configure.

6) Its 256 MB internal memory is big enough is to store up to 500 images, so you don’t have to change pictures frequently.

7) The Auto On Off feature allows you to set it to turn on and off when you are not at home

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Best Digital Photo Frame Review Perfect Holidays Gift On Sale

Cons Best Digital Photo Frame:

1) The digital frame can’t effectively display edited photos like Photoshop edited images.

2) It can’t handle any kind of video material (unable to play videos).

Since videos have a great impact of reflecting memories, pictures alone are sometimes are not just enough.

User Reviews Online

With over 60% of Amazon reviewers giving this digital photo frame top rated 5 star reviews it is obvious that most people are very happy with their purchase.

The majority of those who weren’t so impressed with the project had problems formatting their images correctly to play.

Most photos should work fine but if you are using Photoshop for instance to modify your images you will have issues displaying them.


In conclusion of this best digital photo frame review, overall the Sony DPF-D95 9-Inch Digital Photo Frame is quality digital photo frame.

It shows images in high-quality, has many different options for slideshows and time settings and you can put your best images on display.

The ability to connect you PC or other devices and the support of multiple data devices (SD-card, USB flash drive) allows for plenty of flexibility.

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