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Outland Fire Table

Outland Fire Table: When we first told one of our friends that they could go outside to their patio in shorts during the winter months (they live in a state where it gets super cold during the winter), they looked at us and laugh …as if we weren’t serious.

We’re serious, with some help, you can enjoy your patio all winter long.

You see, many people enjoy going out to their patio and for good reason – it’s a great place to escape and enjoy a quiet evening (or morning) and it’s a great place to hold family get-togethers.

Do you agree with us? However, when the cold comes, many are forced to close up their patio because it’s just too cold to enjoy anything.

It doesn’t have to be this way …it really doesn’t.

Have you ever heard of outdoor heaters for patios?

This isn’t something that just popped up – it’s a solution that has been available for quite some time now and people throughout the world have already started to take advantage of it.

While there are many cool outdoor patio heaters that we would love to tell you about, today, the one heater that is sticking out in our mind would be the Outland Fire Table.

Is this something you’re familiar with? Today, we are here to tell you all about the Outland Fire Table so that you can determine whether or not this would be a good option for your patio …


Friends Enjoying Around An Outland Fire Table.

Outland Fire Table Glass Lid

This fire table is beautiful – you can look at all of the pictures you want of this fire table, but you’re not going to see the true beauty until you have it sitting in front of you.

This would make the perfect heater for your patio, poolside, deck or other outdoor living space, so you’re not just confined to the patio with this one.

In the black tempered glass and artic ice fire glass tabletop, you can really admire the reflection as the flames dance all around – almost as if they’re dancing to music.

The heating radius of this heater is quite impressive, making for the perfect outdoor centerpiece regardless of where you are.

Here’s something that’s really interesting – this was the Silver Medal Winner from 2017 International Design Awards for Best Design in outdoor patio furniture.

It takes a lot to win this type of award, so it is obvious that you get a real piece of work with this heater.

This heater takes propane (you can use the full standard 20 lb propane tank) and it can last between twelve to sixteen hours of burn time on this.

Take note that the amount of time the heater can burn will all depend on the setting of the flame height – the higher the flame, the more propane it burns.

With some of the other heaters, the propane tank sitting next to it can be a real downer.

However, this isn’t something you have to worry about with this heater.

You see, this 35,000 BTU propane fire table is capable of conveniently hiding the 5 gallon propane tank inside its base.

Take note that the propane tank isn’t included with the heater, this is something that you will need to get on your own – you should be able to find a propane tank at your local gas station.

When it comes to switching out the propane tank, that is easy – all you have to do is open up the interior compartment on either side using the user-friendly access doors (they have beautiful chrome pull rings on them).




Honestly, with this Outland Fire Table heater, you really can’t go wrong.

It’s stunning and surely, when you have it set up, you will get some compliments.

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