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Goplus 4 PC Rattan Patio Furniture Set


If you are currently on the market for new patio furniture, there are a couple of factors you will need to consider.

To start with, how big is the yard you plan on putting the patio furniture in?

How many people do you plan on having over?

What other décor or themes do you plan on having?

When choosing your furniture, there are questions of functions and aesthetics to consider.

To help make this decision easier for you, we have searched the net, looking for the most durable patio sets available.

We found the Goplus 4 PC Rattan Patio Furniture Set which is a truly remarkable one.

We have taken time to carefully consider the value of your money and have found a beautiful set that we believe would be a good match for you.

Today, we are here to review the GoPlus four-piece black rattan patio set for you. For those of you that aren’t familiar, rattan is a synthetic material with a weave – it’s similar to wicker, but it is much thicker than wicker.

We prefer rattan over wicker due to the fact that it is more durable and conforms to the body.

Regardless, Rattan furniture is much more comfortable to sit in than wicker furniture.

The last statement is very important, because when we’re out at our patio, or when we have guests over, comfort is a must.

There is nothing worse than inviting guests over to sit in a patio set that is uncomfortable – you don’t want to be known as the individual with that “dreaded” patio set, do you?

When you go for wicker furniture, it causes splinters and can snap easily and yes, there’s metal furniture, but isn’t that cruel?


Goplus 4 PC Rattan Patio Furniture Set

Goplus 4 PC Rattan Patio Furniture Set Black


Sturdy Goplus 4 PC Rattan Patio Furniture Set 

Rattan furniture is flexible, yet sturdy enough to support your body, which is a major reason why we chose this set by GoPlus.

This frame set is composed of durable steel, but there are cushions included, so you won’t feel the steel.


Comes with Cushions

The rattan is black, and the cushions that come with the set are white.

This makes for a very contemporary design as it will add a touch of sophistication to your patio setting.

If you have any additional black accents on your home, like roofing or window shutters, this set right here will look even more striking.

As for the cushions, you don’t have to worry about a thing, because they are removable, so you can take them inside when it is raining.

By taking care of the cushions, you will be able to maintain the color and shape, so you will have comfort for many years to come.


What’s included

This four-piece set is great for the backyard, porch, poolside, or even the garden.

It comes with two single sofas, a double sofa and a table.

The double sofa is capable of fitting two people, with plenty of room to move around, while the singles, of course, are only able to fit one person each.


Weight Capacity Goplus 4 PC Rattan Patio Furniture Set 

The weight capacity per piece of furniture is 300 pounds, so most people can sit at the patio set and be comfortable.

The table is black rattan with a nice tempered glass top.


Some Assembly Required

Take note that some assembly may be required, but it’s nothing to dread.

All instructions and hardware have been included, of course.

You will need to put the backs and sides of the seats together.

Each piece will require its own set of screws attached.

The best way would be to lay out all of the pieces first, then figure out where everything goes, then begin assembling – this technique will save you time and money.




All in all, we believe this four-piece backyard set, the Goplus 4 PC Rattan Patio Furniture Set is a good deal for high quality furniture.

Normally, these type of sets cost more than what they’re selling it for on Amazon.

Rattan has proven to be able to withstand the test of time and is much better than wicker.

This set will bring instant charm to any setting.

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