Sonax FB 2600 Fiji 60 Inch TV Component Bench Hot Review

Sonax FB 2600 Fiji 60 Inch TV Component Bench: Sonax has designed a brand new television component bench that is available for sale right now.

The FB-2600 Fiji unit is designed for not only securing a television set but also for holding the many different components that may be attached onto it.

This is a unit that has been made with a sturdy and brilliant black body.

It also features a number of spaces that may be utilized for storing all sorts of important items as necessary, thus ensuring that anyone who uses it can manage the product with care and plenty of control.

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Sonax FB 2600 Fiji 60 Inch TV Component Bench

How the Body Works

The body of this television bench is very sturdy and is capable of providing the user with plenty of support for keeping a television set upright.

The unit is made with a wood material that is prepared with a full and rick black color.

The design is made as such to provide the user with a brilliant look that fits in well with any spot in one’s home.

The body itself has a flat top that allows the user to stack a television set on top of it.

This can fit more sets that are up to 64 inches in size.

The surface will secure the monitor to where it will be on a completely flat spot.

Sonax FB 2600 Fiji 60 Inch TV Component Bench

Sonax FB 2600 Fiji 60 Inch TV Component Bench

What Features Are There?

The bench features a body that is about 20 inches in height and 60 inches long.

It is also a little less than 16 inches deep.

The unit has three different columns of spaces for storing television components like satellite or cable receivers, media players and video game consoles.

Each column has its own individual shelf that can be carefully adjusted.

Some tempered glass doors are found on some parts of the unit as well.

These are designed to secure items as the user can close the doors onto their accompanying magnets.

Pros to Watch For

There are several positive points about this product for people to spot:

• The unit is very easy to set up and put together as all the pieces and materials needed for setup are included with the unit.

• The cushioned materials at the bottom of the unit are designed to make the setup easy to place and move onto a surface as needed.

They also help to keep the unit in place while it is on a hard surface.

• The glass is designed to where it will not shatter into small pieces in the event that any damages occur to it.

The glass will shatter into larger chunks that are less likely to cause injuries.

This is thanks in part to the glass being a little thicker than what is used elsewhere.

• The glass doors will also allow signals from remote controls to move through them with ease.

This ensure that the items on a setup will be easier to use and control as demanded.

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Cons for the Product

There are a few concerns that need to be explored just as well:

• The setup does not have any anchors that may be used to secure the television set flat onto the surface.

The user will have to add one’s one materials to secure it so the unit will not be at risk of falling over at any time.

• The middle section does not have a glass cover over it, thus leaving items in that spot exposed to assorted things that may come by.

• The shelves on the unit can only be adjusted by about an inch or so.

They can still be removed in their entirety if needed.

• The middle column is a few inches wider than the ones on the left and right, thus making it so there might be too much open space in some spots.

• This unit is not necessarily appropriate for use on softer surfaces or on carpeted floors.

The weight of the unit and the added materials to be stored in it can cause too much pressure on a carpeted surface, thus causing that surface to easily wear out over time.

Sonax FB 2600 Fiji 60 Inch TV Component Bench Conclusion

The Sonax FB 2600 Fiji 60 Inch TV Component Bench from Sonax is a great product that can fit in well with any home entertainment setup.

It is easy to set up and has more than enough space for everything that one wants to add into such a spot.

It works with an extensive variety of television sets as well.

Sonax FB 2600 Fiji 60 Inch TV Component Bench can end up being a must for many spots in a variety of rooms around one’s home.


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