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When it comes to your garden, lighting it up at night can be really beautiful, even if it’s with tiny lights.

Have you ever drove past someone’s house and saw their front yard all lit up and wish you could do that with your own garden?

You can! Honestly, lighting up your garden during the night isn’t that hard to do at all and depending on the path you take, it’s not going to cost much.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to light up your garden, we recommend solar lights – solar lights have so many different benefits nesting behind them (save money, automatic on-off and all of that good stuff).

Today, we are here to tell you about iHomy 12 pack solar lights.


Who Could Use the iHomy 12 Pack Solar Lights?

If you are looking for solar lighting, then this may be a suitable option.

They will do a good job at creating pathway lights for your lawn or simply putting them around your garden in order to highlight it during the night hours.

Regardless of who you are, if you’re looking for landscape lighting, you’re staring at a good set.


Features iHomy 12 Pack Solar Lights

Easy to Install – In the past, if you wanted a good set of lights in your yard, you were forced to either hire a professional or hard-wire the lights yourself.

With the increase in technology, you no longer have to worry about hard-wiring things.

With these solar lights, no wiring of any form is required.

All you have to do is unscrew the lamp cap, turn on the light switch and put the pieces together just as the pictures in the direction shows.

From there, directly insert it into soil and this will complete the installation.


iHomy 12 Pack Solar Lights

iHomy 12 Pack Solar Lights Box Unpacked


Save Energy – Since no electricity is needed, you’re going to save energy.

All it takes to charge these lights is sunlight. When an LED lamp is charged by sunlight for 4-6 hours, you will have 6-8 hours of illumination.

Do you realize how much money this could save you on a yearly basis?


Weather-Resistant – If you’re worried about the weather where you live, don’t be.

You don’t have to worry about exposing this set to rain or snow.

The light can work under all weather conditions and it has a weatherproof rating of IP44.


Convenient – This set is convenient. All you have to do is switch on the light before you use them.

The light will automatically turn ON during the night and OFF during the day – this feature right here is extremely convenient.


iHomy 12 Pack Solar Lights Conclusion

The iHomy set comes with 12 pcs – with these 12 different lights, you can easily decorate and light your pathway, patio, yard or garden.

There’s a one year replacement or risk-free refund warranty.

Regardless of who you are, the iHomy 12 Pack Solar Lights set will come in handy and you will finally be able to create the nighttime scene you adore.



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