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Top Review of Golden Flame Patio Heater

Have you been looking for a patio heater?

Do you feel your patio is incomplete without a golden flame patio heater?

Don’t miss out on enjoying your patio sitting outdoors on a cold starry day?

My view is that if you have a big living space indoors or outdoors you want to be able to make use of it at all times of the year.

Dependent on weather extremes of course, Patio Heaters give you the option to spend much more time outdoors even when the weather is a little chilly.

Golden Flame Patio Heater

Golden Flame Patio Heater The Best Selling Patio Heater

Choosing a Patio Heater

When choosing a patio heater there are two main things you should look at: the heating qualities and its aesthetic qualities.

The Golden Flame Patio Heater by fire sense is a masterpiece that does not disappoint.

While the price may not be that affordable if you are on a budget, for those who want to spend a bit more for a quality product then read on.

Features of Golden Flame Patio Heater


It is among the most powerful patio heaters in the market.

Fitted with a double mantel heating grid and SS burners, its efficiency is unparalleled.

It also utilizes a pilotless burner system which helps prevent the fuel wastage attributed to standing pilot burner systems that are used by most patio heaters today.

Doing away with the standing pilot also saves you from the frustrations of a windy day.

The wind can blow out the small pilot flame causing the whole patio heater to shut down.

It also has a reflector hood that helps distribute heat further


The last thing any homeowners wants is to be at the mercy of the patio heater they buy.

The old standing pilot burner was prone to many accidents including the risk of explosions and fires.

When not caught in the nick of time, such accidents can be fatal.

Fire sense has also enhanced the balance of the heater by adding 30 pounds of sand at the bottom to help make it more stable and unlikely to be tipped over by raging winds.

It also has a built- in tilt switch that will immediately switch off the unit just in case it tips over.

Golden Flame Patio Heater Mobility

The golden flame patio heater comes with mobility wheels which make it easy for you to change its positions when you have to.


This patio heater is certainly a great looking addition to any patio or garden.

Its rich mocha mantle finish and the shape it assumes are sure to complement any patio.

It is also made of neutral colors so it can go well with any decorations or landscape design you have chosen for your home.

When it is not keeping you warm, it’s still pleasing on the eye.

Easy to operate

Fire sense has replaced the single spark manual push button that would sometimes take a while to get right, with an easy press, easy start rapid spark ignition system.

This makes it easier for you to start the heater reducing the frustrations and making it easier to light your golden flame patio heater.

It also keeps you from hurting your thumb every time!


It has a beautiful powder coat finish that allows it to endure all weather conditions gracefully and still maintain its aesthetic value.


* Easy to use

* Great Looking

* Can be moved anywhere there is a flat surface on your patio


– It is not easy to get the sand to fit in the container

– A bit pricey

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Conclusion Golden Flame Patio Heater

When you are looking for a patio heater that will last you for a long time, keep you warm and make your home look good, the golden flame patio heater is a worthwhile investment.

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