Most Versatile Cast Stone Fire Pit Review Every Country Household Should Own

Cast Stone Fire Pit

A group of my friends last October got tired of city life and decided to do something nobody could have expected.

Similarly, I never had any plans of buying a cast stone fire pit, I mean the Sun Joe cast stone fire pit but I’m glad I did.

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My friends organized a trip to a tiny town in Portland, Oregon and bought an old cabin in the woods.

The cabin they bought was a fixer-upper but they didn’t want to hire a professional to renovate the cabin.

All in all, they spent four days making the cabin vacation-worthy.

Too bad I was away and couldn’t attend the official house opening party.

The only choice I had was to live precariously through them and the numerous photos they sent me were more than enough.

I was feeling kind of guilty for not being around to work on the cabin with them.

And my mind was on overdrive trying to figure out the best thing to make up for my absence.

I was determined to put my mark on the project so I carefully inspected the photos they sent me to look for something they had missed.

One of my friends is a perfectionist and when the work was all done, the cabin looked perfect except for one thing.

There was an ancient fire pit on the rear of the cabin and nobody knew what to do with it so they left it untouched.

I figured that some of them didn’t even know what it was because it was nothing more than a ring on the ground made of piled up stones and some mortar to hold them together.

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Most Versatile Cast Stone Fire Pit Review Every Country Household Should Own

Sun Joe Cast Stone Fire Pit

Inspiration struck the moment I saw the fire pit.

My friends had done a fantastic job with the inside of the cabin but the outside still looked quite boring.

Before October last year, I knew almost nothing about fire pit, cast stone fire pit; so you can call my quest for a fire pit for the new cabin a baptism by fire.

I and my friends had plans to spend the weekend preceding Columbus Day in our new cabin.

I had just one week to find the perfect fire pit for the cabin.

Without wasting much time, I hit the Internet to find a fire pit that wasn’t too heavy to carry around but still reasonably resistant to the elements.

I must have browsed through dozens of fire pits but one fire pit kept coming up and I had to take notice.

I saw how popular the Sun Joe cast stone fire pit was so I contacted one of the online stores that sold it to find out more.

I am not a very trusting person and took every praise the fire pit got with a pinch of salt.

Time was running out and I had a decision to make so I finally ordered the Sun Joe cast stone fire pit on Amazon.

It was delivered within two days and I was pleasantly surprised by how small the fire pit looked.

Despite having a 29-inch cast iron bowl, the cast stone fire pit is just 35 inches wide.

What I like most about the fire pit is not its size but its appearance.

The brown color perfectly matched with the logs the cabin was made of.

Cast Stone Fire Pit

Most Versatile Cast Stone Fire Pit

Being the secretive person that I was, I didn’t breathe a word of my new purchase to any of my friends.

Conveniently, some of my friends had things to take care of so we had to travel individually to the cabin.

Though it was a more than 150-mile drive from Seattle to the cabin, I hardly noticed the distance because I was dying to show off the fire pit.

The Sun Joe cast stone fire pit easily fit into the rented SUV that I used to drive up to the cabin.

I was the first person there and carefully picked up the fire pit and placed it exactly where the old one was.

It was a cold afternoon so I got some wood, stuck it into the fire pit, poured some accelerant on it and threw in a match.

Within minutes, I had a large fire going; too bad I had forgotten to buy some marshmallows on my way.

My friends were very excited with the new fire pit because we could easily spend a lot more time outside thanks to the warmth provided by the cast stone fire pit.

I was concerned about how safe the fire pit was but my fears quickly waned because of the wire mesh screen that prevents flying sparks.

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Cast Stone Fire Pit Wire Mesh Screen

We had plenty of wood and kept this pit going at least four hours every day for three days.

The iron bowl, which is said to resist up to 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit coped perfectly well.

I used to think fire pits were heavy to lug around but the Sun Joe cast stone fire pit is remarkably light considering the materials it is made from.

For anyone in search of a fire pit for whatever reason, the Sun Joe cast stone fire pit is one of the most versatile and easy to use pits around.

Frankly I don’t think the cast stone fire pit is only suitable for country houses and cabins.

I truly believe the uses are limitless as our own imagination, check out the images of this article and decide for yourself.

Now please respond to this simple question: isn’t it a little magical gathering with family or friends around a fire? Any fire if that’s the matter?

You see that is the answer you have right in your mind -:)

Cast Stone Fire Pit , sun joe cast stone fire pit, natural stone fire pits,

Most Versatile Cast Stone Fire Pit Review Every Country Household Should Own

A fireplace has always been the gathering spot since time Immemorial and that is in our genes if I may borrow the term and say so.

Fire is life, love, joy and happiness…