Self Watering Patio Planter Automatic Deluxe System Review

Self Watering Patio Planter Deluxe Automatic System

When it comes to gardening one of the biggest challenges that many people face is getting a product that is both space conscious and is easy to use and maintain.

With the self watering patio planter, you don’t have to worry about space because it is designed to be space conscious.

You also don’t need to worry about watering your plant every day because it has a sub-irrigated system that takes care of the watering system for you.

In this article we are going to review this product to help you know what it is all about as well as its pros and cons.

Self Watering Patio Planter

Self Watering Patio Planter Automatic Deluxe System

What is the self watering patio planter automatic deluxe system?

Gromatic automatic watering planter is a 36 inch deluxe garden planter that was designed to help you add color to your deck or patio.

This deluxe garden planter allows you to create gardens in places where space it at premium.

Which means that you if you love gardens but you live in an apartment with limited space; you can actually create your own beautiful garden in your apartment.

Lifted to 34 inches, this deluxe garden planter is the best and most comfortable way to garden.

It also has an extra-large sturdy deck box that can add color to the patio or deck.

What is even more amazing with this garden planter is the fact that it comes with a totally automatic self-watering deck and patio planter system meaning that you don’t have to worry about your garden when you are away from home for weeks.

Self Watering Patio Planter Features and specifications

-It comes with ten one gallon pouch grow bags with handles.

-A DVD is included that gives you step by step guidance on how to set it up and planting tips.

-They build it with an automatic UV float system that is protected and maintains constant watering of plants.

-An automatic self-watering system makes it unique.

-Dimensions 34″ X 36″ X 15.5″

-Rated to hold 150 LBS, Shelf rated to hold 15 LBS

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*** Easy use and maintain

Everyone wants to buy something that is easy to use.

The designer of gromatic automatic watering planter had that in mind when designing this amazing garden planter.

If you are physically challenged or you live with somebody who is physically challenged, this garden planter will enable you to plant easily without bending.

The self watering patio planter is very easy to use and needs very, little maintenance.

This automatic watering planter is actually the ultimate and pleasant way to garden because it is tolerant your back and knees too.

It also comes with a DVD that gives you step by step guidance on how you are supposed to set up and use the gardener as well as planting tips.

Consumes less space

If you are space conscious but you love garden, self watering patio planter is the perfect garden planter for you.

It consumes less space and when it is not in use, you can take off the legs for easy storage.

It is durable.

This garden planter is not only of high quality but is also durable.

Constructed from a durable resign you can be sure that this planter will not rust, rot or peel.

In addition, it is UV protected to help maintain its color.


The only real setback we found was its high price.

Many people have complained that this garden planter is expensive and hence they cannot afford.

You need to way up the costs against the benefits, though it might be slightly costly it will save you a lot of effort as well.

Self Watering Patio Planter Video

Conclusion and Reviews

Customer Reviews and Scores

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Reviewers online have been very impressed with the self watering patio planter especially how easy it is to set up.

They liked the fact that it contained a DVD to show them how to set it up as visual instruction is always better than written text Many were using it to grow vegetables and herbs such as radishes and Swiss chard.

All in all this is a well-made and useful addition to any garden.

Its main benefit will be for those who have a small space to maintain a garden and those of you who suffer from back and knee problems.

This is a set and forgets watering system gets the thumbs up from us!

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