Sonic Bomb SBB500ss Powerful Alarm Clock Review

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

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Sonic Bomb SBB500ss: have you ever missed an alarm and had to skip work or class during a very important day? Have you ever missed an alarm and had to skip work or class during a very important day?

How did you feel? Was it disappointing?

Waking up from a deep sleep can be difficult especially if you are not equipped with the right tool to do so.

Of course, the tool we are talking about here is an alarm clock.

The good news is, there are alarm clocks in the market today like the Sonic Bomb SBB500ss which ensures its user a sure wake up call.

Sonic Bomb SBB500ss is a product that has been designed to make waking up an easy thing to do for deep sleepers.

This alarm clock has also been labelled The Bomb, mainly for its superior performance.

Sonic Bomb SBB500ss boasts of its extra-loud alarm and a shaker.


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Sonic Bomb SBB500ss Powerful Alarm Clock


What makes Sonic Bomb SBB500ss so powerful? Here are its main features:

• Has a 113db-loud alarm – a volume that’s higher than an ordinary alarm clock’s

• Comes with both adjustable tone and volume – full control over your device

• Features a 12 volt bed shaker – for that extra nudge

• Has 5-level dimmer – for your perfect setup

• With a test function capability – ensures that you have it all set up

• Dual Alarm – you can set it on a 12 or 24 hour time basis

• Built with a set of alert lights – so you do not depend only depend on auditory alarm

• Has a battery backup – guarantees that the device will not fail you



With The Bomb’s 113db-loud alarm, you shall be able to hear it well enough, wake up on time, and never miss a single important day in your life again.

113db is louder than an average alarm clock volume.

Hence, you if you are rooming with someone, you might be concerned about disturbing his or her own sleep, right?

There is nothing to worry because the tone and volume of The Bomb can be adjusted to fit your need and your roommate’s preferences.

Now, if you are thinking that the power of this alarm clock will be reduced once you decrease the volume, then it should be emphasized that this product comes with a 12-volt bed shaker.

Yes, the alarm clock will vibrate.

Therefore, you shall be able to catch your alarm and wake up on time without causing any trouble to other people.

Furthermore, another problem that might arise from depending on an alarm clock to wake you up on time is that it may fail to do its task due to technical problems.

Sonic Bomb resolves such issues by giving you a test function capability so you can check whether your settings are really what you intended them to be.

It also has a dual alarm so if the first one fails to wake you, the second one is there to save the day.

Moreover, The Bomb has a battery back-up so you will not have to worry about your alarm clock running out of battery even before it tries to get you on your feet.


Why Buy Sonic Bomb SBB500ss?

One sure thing about this product is that if it fails to prove itself long-lasting, it has a one year worth of warranty.

Just send it back to the producer or manufacturer and they shall assist you with your problem.

The Bomb also has a number of added benefits.

First, it has a dual power feature so you can use it with a 110 volt or 220 volt power supply.

It also comes with a set of red flashing lights so your visual senses will also help you wake up on time.

These flashing lights can be dimmed on a 5-level scale allowing you to adjust the brightness to whichever level you prefer.

In other words, The Bomb is highly customizable.

So if you are really having trouble waking up on time, you should definitely consider buying the Sonic Bomb SBB500ss.


Sonic bomb sbb500ss alarm clock with more than 5000 satisfied customers cannot be a wrong buy for anyone looking for a really powerful alarm clock to assist his or her in her daily morning life.

Here are some of the reviews that displayed on Amazon, all with five stars; which almost impossible naturally.

Found out yourself here:

“This alarm is no joke. I often find myself waking up before the alarm even goes off due to what I believe is almost fear.

Imagine someone putting a jack hammer to your bed and the loudest alarm you can imagine going off. If you can sleep through this then you may not be alive.”

“Most of these Sonic Boom and Sonic Alert clocks will wake up heavy sleepers with no problem.

However, I am hearing impaired and, without my hearing aids in, I can’t even hear a regular clock’s alarm when I am asleep due to the high pitch. My phone’s alarm goes unheard as well.

I HAVE to have a clock that’s not only loud but has variable tone because my type of loss is in the high pitches.

If a clock or any device has a high pitched sound, I can’t hear it (Store theft alarms, microwaves, cat meows, etc.)

I had Sonic Alert’s The Skull with Bone Crusher Bed Shaker and it was great but broke after a year and I had to get a new one which broke again after about a year of not too constant use.

I decided this time to get the Sonic Bomb with Super Shaker – SBB500ss.

To my surprise, Amazon says I bought this clock in 2010! I have no idea where it went or what happened to it but I bought another one anyway.

This clock is very lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It has a large display and a battery back up.

It has both volume and tone adjustments which are both absolutely a must for me.

I have it set to the lowest tone and I can hear that just fine.

I also have it set to the loudest volume setting which would probably scare the pants off of a person with perfect hearing but doesn’t bother me when I hear it except to know I have to get up.

There are nice features like the ability to adjust snooze time from 1-30 minutes and the ability to select the alarm duration from 1-59 minutes.

I set the snooze for 5 minutes and the alarm time for the full time. I can always turn it off early.

Setting the clock is a little different.

You can push a button to make the time go fast or slow.

That is, rather than setting the hour, then the minutes, you have to push the button and let the clock cycle through every hour and minute.

But it’s very fast and, when you get close to the time you want to set the alarm, you switch to the slow button and get it ….

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