The Ultimate Solar Powered Wireless Weather Station Review

Solar Powered Wireless Weather Station

Today we are going to review the solar powered wireless weather station from Ambient Weather.

We researched and reviewed a large number of personal reports that dealt with everything from installation to software updates and the final end-user experience.

Solar Powered Wireless Weather Station

Solar Powered Wireless Weather Station


The unit has an indoor and an outdoor sensor array for you to get a complete picture of the meteorological conditions both inside and outside of your house.

An outdoor sensor array records temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, rainfall, Solar and UV radiation.

Then the indoor sensor array records temperature, barometric pressure and humidity inside.

This particular unit also comes with a color display unit, which shows all the information in an easy to read format, whilst also providing you with extra details such as rate of rainfall currently occurring and dew point and providing you with graphs for barometric pressure, temperature and humidity to showcase detailed and easy to interpret trends.

There is also an Apple app and Apple products should work effortlessly with the software of this unit.

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Pros of Solar Powered Wireless Weather Station

*Most users report the entire setup process to be very easy and intuitive the only additional equipment needed is two AAA batteries.

One online reviewer timed the whole set up process as taking 37 minutes out of the box.

*You can get all the historical data recorded by the unit using a micro SD card

*The Observer IP will upload data to wunderground directly through your router without the need for a dedicated computer being connected to the internet all day.

*Excellent display console

*Generally customer support from Ambient Weather is reported as being fast and responsive to the needs of the customers.

*Great value for money

*Sensors are again and again reported as being highly accurate and reliable

*Sensors can be set to update every few seconds so that the data you receive is exceedingly close to real-time information

*One hundred megabytes is reportedly the only data consumed by the continuous reporting by the array to

*Compares well against other brands such as Vantage Pro and Oregon Scientific


• Micro SD card must be brought separately

• Unit only uploads to and no other weather networks

• Rain gauge must be cleaned and emptied every three months

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Solar Powered Weather Station Conclusion

The pricing of the solar powered wireless weather station unit combined with its very satisfactory number of features makes it a great choice and a very competitive buy.

While it is unfortunate that some people have experienced difficulties with this unit, it is a small minority.

Most people report getting lasting value for money as well as being delighted with the accuracy, rate the readings are taken and overall ease of use.

This unit is an above average buy meant for the avid amateur weather watcher.

The ease of uploading the data directly to also means that you can form a part of a very important worldwide community with ease.

We think that is a recommended choice for those on a budget but who are not looking to compromise.

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