Waterproof Outdoor Solar Garden Lights Security Courtyard Product

Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

Lighting a pathway to your door, garage, mailbox, or any other destination can be a must to protecting your home.

That is where the Outdoor Solar Garden Lights come in, your security courtyard product by excellence.

I have always wanted to be able to see outside my window when I hear something during the night.

There are sometimes especially when I can’t sleep that I could almost create the sound of movement just outside my window.

A light that would automatically come on to illuminate the presence of absolutely anything would confirm my sanity and relieve my mind to actually see what is out there.

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Waterproof Outdoor Solar Garden Lights Security Courtyard Product

Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights

These lights are the trick!

No wires make me ecstatic because I am not good at wiring or running anything!

The solar power made it easy for me to put the lights up and not maintain them.

The installation was almost effortless.

The hardest decision I had to make after purchasing these was where to place them.

The motion sensor of this light is phenomenal.

I love that I can tell if anything from a mouse to a bear is moving within about 4 meters of this light.

Sometimes the neighbor’s cat sets it off and that just assures me it will catch even the smallest lurking movement because I have never seen that cat make a sudden movement.

After the outdoor solar garden lights are activated I don’t even have to worry about turning it off or deactivating it.

It features a timer and will turn on or off automatically.

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Outdoor Solar Garden Lights Security

I use to hate getting out of bed and wandering through the house to turn on the flood lights to see what was wondering or lurking or passing through the yard.

And of course you would have to go back through the house after identifying the movement or sound to turn that light back off.

This light eliminated all of that for me!

On top of the motion sensor this light also has a light sensor so if motion is detected during the day it doesn’t come on.

It can tell when dusk comes because of the light sensor and it will automatically switch into a mode that allows it to come on when it detects motion.

This way I never have to worry about forgetting to move a switch or press a button to activate the use of my light.

I was able to put up the Lumen Solar Light without running a new wire or worrying about somewhere to plug it in or finding and pulling out and old extension cord.

Why you may ask?

Because the outdoor solar garden lights have no wires.

That’s right not even one wire.

I love where technology is taking even lights for the outdoors.

Now I want to mention the solar panels that charge these lights.

They are awesome, if I had the money my entire house would be run off solar panels on the roof and it would be inspired by my love of these nifty outdoor lights.

I have not had to worry about checking or changing a battery for these since the day I got them and I can thank the sun for that.

Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

I don’t even pay for them to light up!

All I had to do was buying them and install them; Mother Nature takes care of the rest.

A little bit of the sun each day makes sure that my lights do their job throughout the night.

It took me more time to decide where to put my first three lights.

This was a difficult choice once I started thinking of all the possibilities.

I thought about outside the garage for when we come home after sunset.

Also then I thought about the front door so we can see to get out keys in the correct place.

I continued thinking and remembered how often I go to the shed after dark for tools and wanted to hang a light out there.

One nears each of the children’s windows for if they hear anything during the night.

I even thought of another around the garden and along the outside of the house where the path to the garage is.

Outdoor Solar Garden Lights Security

My list continues to grow.

Before I knew it I was ordering these outdoor solar garden lights for everywhere around my home and as gifts for family and friends who enjoyed the light they gave off!

I was very happy with this purchase overall and will continue to use these lights for my outdoor needs.

I feel safe being able to see anything that moves anywhere near my home all night long and I am thrilled with the minimal upkeep and installation these outdoor solar garden lights provided.

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