Your Tiffany Style Lamp Shade Ceiling Fan Light Kit Review

Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Lamp shade Ceiling Fan Light Kit is a decorative piece that can add vibrancy to any home or business establishment.

This lamp has been crafted following the 1990s style of a well-known designer, Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Aside from its Tiffany Style aesthetics, the lamp kit is also made of stained glasses that make it perfect for giving a vintage vibe to bedrooms, balconies, porches, and even to cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

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Aside from its intricate design and stunning colors, the lamp kit has other features that make it an ideal buy:

• Zinc Alloy lamp hanger covered in bronze paint

• Wood ceiling fans

• Superfine Silicon Steel Sheet and Copper Coil for its motor

• 52-inch diameter in total

•Compatible with E27 Screw-type 9W Compact Fluorescent Light

The combination of these features equates to a number of benefits that increase the value of this lamp kit.

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For one, the Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Lamp shade Ceiling Fan Light Kit has been handcrafted in the factory making it surely durable and defect-free.

Because the lamp hanger is made of zinc alloy, they are guaranteed sturdy therefore the probability of accidents is lessened.

Moreover, the wood ceiling fan does not only give this lamp kit a vintage look to it but also enhances the quality of air circulation that it gives.

The wood material makes the circulation of air not too harsh but not too soft to the point that it cannot be felt.

On top of it all, because the lamp kit’s motor engines are made of superfine silicon steel sheet and copper coil, the fan is definitely heavy-duty and can render high performance for longer hours.

This makes this product even more appealing to business owners who will most like turn the lamp kit on while their commercial outfits are open.

Potential Cons

There is not much cons to this product as there is so many benefits to it.

If anything, you would only decide not to buy it if you do not think it fits the overall aesthetics of your home or business establishment.

Also, if you are after a stronger ventilation unit, then this Makenier Vintage
Tiffany Style Lampshade Ceiling Fan Light Kit may not be the one for you.

Although its motor is durable and can last longer than similar products, the ventilation it provides is not as significant as you would expect a normal ceiling fan could. After all, this piece is highly decorative.

Moreover, when the lights are turned off, the stained glass effect may not look good as you would expect it to be.

This is quite logical because the beauty of a stained glass is really dictated by the amount of light that passes through it.

In any case, it is only the glass color that changes when the lamp kit’s bulbs are turned off.

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Why Buy It?

If you are a café-owner or a pub-owner and you want to make your property even more attractive to customers, then you should purchase this lamp kit for its intricate and stunning design.

With its total diameter of 52-inches, it is absolutely eye-catching and can really be a great accent to your business.

Also, whether you want to use this lamp kit in your home or in your business, you will surely appreciate the fact that it is compatible with E27 Screw-type 9W bulbs.

This kind of light bulb is actually a compact fluorescent lamp or CFL.

This means that it requires less energy for it to work making the product energy-efficient.

Therefore, a Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Lamp shade Ceiling Fan Light Kit purchase is considered an environmentally-friendly purchase.


If you want an extra highlight to your bedroom, to your café, or to any of your indoor spaces, then the Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Lamp shade Ceiling Fan Light Kit can be a good option to you.

The lamp kit is powered by a silicon steel sheet and copper coil-covered motor that is decorated with bronze-painted lamp hanger, wooden blades, and stained glass cover.

Because its purpose is mainly as a decorative piece, one cannot expect this product to be a powerful ventilation unit.

But its aesthetics definitely makes up for that. If you wish to buy this product, check out its price at Amazon Here:Lamp Shade Ceiling Fan Light Kit

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